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Calling all improvisers!

Banana Hut Gang (BHG) are holding open auditions for new players!

What is the Banana Hut Gang?

We are a group of 7 improvisers who are best known for our 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Sell-Out show Choose Your Own…Improv!. We perform across London throughout the year (at places like Soho Theatre, The Lord Mayors Show, The Canal Cafe, The Miller, The Bridewell, Golden Goose Theatre…!) and were recently elected ‘Ones to Watch’ by ‘The Phoenix Remix’. 


We love improvising and meet regularly to play and perform. So far, we’ve specialised in narrative, long-form improv, but we also have fun with short-form, too. We’re run as a collective, meaning everyone has an equal voice in the group and there is no leader.


Whilst we love to play, we have high ambitions. We want to help take improv mainstream and so we are focusing on developing and performing shows that connect not just with improv audiences but also audiences who love comedy and drama.


We are a part of London’s premier amateur theatre group, Sedos, and our group has grown through membership and involvement in the society. Sedos seeks to build and sustain a membership that is reflective of the diverse communities within London and the Banana Hut Gang will be actively looking to cast as diverse a group of people as possible who bring new perspectives and experiences to our team. 


The Banana Hut Gang also support Simprov, a drop-in improv class for the Sedos community.   


You can find out even more about us here.


Tell me more about Choose Your Own… Improv!

Choose Your Own… Improv! is the first show we’ve developed. It’s a narrative show where the audience gets to call the shots. Each show is a different genre, with a different title, main character and quest. The audience gets to make the big calls throughout the show. It’s fun, funny, and often surreal. You can watch some of the shows here.


Why are you auditioning? 

We want to grow Banana Hut Gang to a larger number of team members who collectively have a range of shows in our repertoire that each member can perform. This will give us breadth and flexibility. 


One of the challenges we currently have is that Choose Your Own… Improv! (and potentially new shows) best work when there are at least 5 or 6 of us performing. That’s not always possible, either at rehearsals or on stage. One of the reasons to grow the team is so that we can more regularly rehearse and perform with a larger group. 


We also really want new voices with new perspectives to join us to develop our existing and future shows. Choose Your Own…Improv! has been a hit with audiences, and we want them to love it even more. We hope to make our show better by bringing in performers with new skills, ideas and views of the world.


What are you currently working on? 

At the moment we are working on two main objectives;


  1. We will be returning to the Edinburgh Fringe for 2022 with Choose Your Own… Improv!, and doing a 1-2 week run in August. We’re looking to make this another sell-out run.

  2. We’re developing new shows to add to our repertoire.


Who are you looking for?

We’re looking for new members who not only have a passion for improvising but also a drive to help us take Banana Hut Gang to new heights as an improv team. 


You’ll fit in seamlessly if you:

  • Are an experienced, brave, improviser

  • Have strong acting skills (since at least one of our shows focuses on narrative, this will really help).

  • Are really passionate about growing successful shows

  • Are willing and happy to bring and champion ideas to make the Gang the best it can be

  • Are happy to help out ‘behind the scenes’ when needed (whilst we’re also on the look for a new producer, we all muck in when we need to). 

  • When preparing for a show, we normally rehearse once a week in person in central London, so you’d need to be able to commit to weekly rehearsals.

  • Are respectful

  • Are looking for some new friends! We may be ambitious, but we do this to have a ton of fun, too…


We will consider any interest to join the Banana Hut Gang, regardless of race, gender, sex, disability or any other characteristic. 


What can I hope to get from joining BHG?

You’ll find a fun-loving group of improvisers who just want to play and perform as much as possible. We love what we do, and we hope you will too!


What you’ll also find is a group of passionate, driven creatives who want their shows to be the very best they can be, and to grow them as far as possible.


When do you rehearse?

We usually rehearse on Tuesday evenings at Theatre Deli, 2 Finsbury Avenue, EC2M 2PF. We also organise occasional rehearsals on Saturdays or Sundays for when we want to run longer workshops, or when we have sessions organised with external trainers. If Tuesdays will be an issue for you, please let us know when you audition. We can be flexible.


When do you perform?

We aim to perform around once a month in various fringe venues across London and at Sedos’ home, The Bridewell Theatre. While you won’t be needed for every show, we’d like you to be available for as many as possible.


Tell me more about Edinburgh!

We will also be looking for you to join us in Edinburgh for our Fringe performances. We will be performing from 17-28 August 2021. We want you to be willing and available to perform for at least one week of that run. We cover all the venue and registration costs, but we will need you to cover the costs of your accommodation. We have group accommodation already lined up at a very reasonable rate.


What should I prepare for the audition?

This is improv, so…not much! We will be working together in groups to put together basic scenes and character games, and guiding you through some simple long-form exercises. There is nothing specific to prepare. We just ask that you come in with enthusiasm. WE want to offer YOU a safe and supportive environment to audition in so you can best show us how you improvise!



There is no audition fee. However, anyone successful in their audition will be asked to join Sedos. Membership of Sedos is £30 per year if you pay by direct debit or £35 otherwise. There is normally also a £30 participation fee, each year, towards BHG expenses including our rehearsal spaces. In 2022, this fee is being waived and covered by Sedos so you will not need to pay it. 


If finance is a concern, please let us know. 


How do I sign up?

We are holding auditions on 1 and 3 February at Theatre Deli from 7 pm-8.30 pm. You will be expected to attend on one of those days for the full session. We will also hold callbacks on 8 February at 7 pm. 


If you are interested in auditioning please email us your availability for 1, 3 and 8 February. You can email us at


If you are not free on those dates, still contact us and we will do our best to find another way to audition you. 




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