Welcome to the BHG - the authors of Choose Your Own... Improv!

(Sell Out Show, Edinburgh Fringe 2019)!


We're Sedos' in- house improv team and run a weekly improv

class: Simprov. Everyone's welcome. 


Check out when you can come watch us play in the Shows section below - and follow us on social! GO BANANAS!


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What do you want to see? A marriage or a funeral? An abandoned spaceship or a creepy dungeon? A murder or a resurrection?
In Choose Your Own... Improv!, you decide. Join the Banana Hut Gang as they create a brave new improvised world where you get to call the shots.
Keep the story on track, derail it completely, or start again... the choice is yours!
You need to see this show!
The Phoenix Remix
As seen at:​
The Gang

The BHG is a group of good friends who met through Sedos, London's premiere amateur theatre company. We started experimenting with improv, and are now on our way to Edinburgh to debut a new show we developed! We run a weekly drop in so hopefully plenty of others can fall in love with improv too.

Laura Capaldi

Laura has been acting since the age of 5 and has been performing with SEDOS since 2007. In real life she's a TV Producer where every day is one giant improv.


Alex Magliaro​

Alex is one of the founders of Simprov and has studied improv at UCB New York, and The Nursery in London. He loves improv.



Sam Pearce

Sam was always a bit rubbish at sport, so finding improv and acting in his teens really made school easier. He's trained at the Free Association and The Nursery, and in real life, he works to build less stressful workplaces.


Jess Rogers

Jess has been with Sedos since 2016 were she made her stage debut running frantically around in Noises Off. She has been doing improv with Simprov since February 2017 and is completely obsessed with scenes that are far more emotionally charged than her fellow improvers feel is necessary.

Jonathan Scott

Jonathan has been performing with Simprov for the past two years. He has previously performed at the Fringe with the Improv Musical (C Venues) and is very excited to be coming back to Edinburgh to persistently pester passers-by with posters and publicity. Hobbies include cooking, travelling, and alliteration with the letter 'p'.


James Stone

James is an improviser with Punderstandably and hopes one day to do a cartwheel with straight legs. Has been a Sedos member since 2016 after taking on the role of Ferdinand in a fully immersive production of The Tempest.


Chris Warner

Chris Warner is a shower singer who is terrible at accents and works for a theatre promotions agency in the West End. Chris launched and helps run Sedos' weekly improv drop in - teaching newbies all the exciting improv tricks - and has been improving for 3 years.

Chloe Karpinskyj

Chloe was a regular attendee at the Simprov drop-in when she was told in a dream to offer to be BHG’s Producer. Being a suggestible and gregarious sort, she followed up on this and not a day has gone by where she hasn’t regretted it. She’s joking, she’s having a great time. You may have seen her at other places on the London Improv scene, introducing herself to and chatting to strangers.

Come Play

Sedos' open-to-all session: Simprov! Join us every Friday night for an evening of games, learning and a whole heap of fun.

Perfect for the complete beginner as well as the hardened improv veteran, sessions will explore the fundamental principles of improv such as making bold choices, character development and finding your ‘game’.

Improv is a great way to build confidence and develop performance skills in a very fun and safe environment.

When: Fridays
Time: 7.30pm
Level: All!
Cost: £3 (free for Sedos members)

For more info and to check the season schedule, head to the Simprov Facebook page.

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